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    Central Turf & Irrigation Supply: A Leading Lawn Sprinkler System Contractor in Wyoming, Michigan

    When it comes to maintaining a lush and healthy lawn, having a well-designed and efficient irrigation system is crucial. Located in Wyoming, Michigan, Central Turf & Irrigation Supply has established itself as a trusted and reliable lawn sprinkler system contractor in the area. With their extensive experience and commitment to quality, they have become a go-to choice for homeowners and businesses looking to enhance their outdoor spaces.

    Providing Top-Notch Lawn Sprinkler System Installation

    Central Turf & Irrigation Supply specializes in the installation of high-quality lawn sprinkler systems. Their team of skilled technicians understands the importance of proper irrigation in maintaining vibrant and green lawns. Whether it's a small residential yard or a sprawling commercial property, they have the expertise to design and install a custom irrigation system tailored to the specific needs of each client.

    By utilizing state-of-the-art technology and premium materials, Central Turf & Irrigation Supply ensures optimal water distribution throughout the entire landscape. This not only promotes healthy plant growth but also minimizes water waste and reduces utility costs. Their commitment to sustainability sets them apart from other contractors in the region.

    Efficient Sprinkler System Repair and Maintenance Services

    Regular maintenance and timely repairs are essential to keeping a lawn sprinkler system in excellent condition. Central Turf & Irrigation Supply offers comprehensive repair and maintenance services to ensure that their clients' irrigation systems function optimally year-round.

    Their team of experts conducts thorough inspections to identify any potential issues or inefficiencies in the system. They then provide prompt repairs and necessary adjustments to prevent further damage and ensure proper water distribution. By addressing problems early on, Central Turf & Irrigation Supply helps clients avoid costly repairs and potential water wastage.

    In addition to repairs, they offer routine maintenance services such as winterization and system startups. These services are vital for protecting the system during harsh winter months and ensuring a trouble-free start to the watering season.

    Outstanding Customer Service and Support

    Central Turf & Irrigation Supply is committed to providing exceptional customer service throughout every step of the process. Their knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist clients, offering guidance and advice on choosing the right sprinkler system and addressing any concerns or questions they may have.

    They understand that every customer's needs and preferences are unique. Therefore, they take the time to listen to their clients' requirements and tailor their services accordingly. This customer-centric approach has garnered them a strong reputation in the community and has led to a loyal customer base.

    Client Success Story: Johnson's Landscaping

    One satisfied client of Central Turf & Irrigation Supply is Johnson's Landscaping, a local landscaping company known for their stunning designs. They were facing challenges in maintaining the lawns of their clients due to inefficient irrigation systems. Johnson's Landscaping turned to Central Turf & Irrigation Supply for a solution.

    The experts at Central Turf & Irrigation Supply assessed the unique needs of Johnson's Landscaping and designed a customized lawn sprinkler system that perfectly met their requirements. The installation process was seamless, and the team demonstrated exceptional professionalism throughout the project.

    The new irrigation system provided by Central Turf & Irrigation Supply transformed Johnson's Landscaping's operations. The lawns they maintained became greener and healthier, leading to increased customer satisfaction and positive reviews for their business.


    Central Turf & Irrigation Supply is a trusted lawn sprinkler system contractor in Wyoming, Michigan, known for their dedication to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. With their expert installation services, efficient repairs and maintenance, and outstanding customer support, they have become the go-to choice for many homeowners and businesses in the area.

    By choosing Central Turf & Irrigation Supply, clients can enjoy lush and vibrant lawns while minimizing water waste and utility costs. The success story of Johnson's Landscaping highlights the transformative impact of their services.

    Whether you're looking for an irrigation system installation or need repairs and maintenance for an existing system, Central Turf & Irrigation Supply is the ideal partner to ensure the health and beauty of your lawn for years to come.


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    Wyoming is a city in Kent County in the U.S. state of Michigan. The population was 76,501 at the 2020 census. Wyoming is the second most-populated community in the Grand Rapids metropolitan area and is bordered by Grand Rapids on the northeast. After Grand Rapids, it is also the second most-populated city in West Michigan. The area was the second location in Kent County settled by European-Americans in 1832 on the edges of Buck Creek and was organized as Wyoming Township in 1848 when it was set off from the northern half of Byron Township. Through the 1800s and into the early 1900s, Wyoming served as a rural area providing goods to Grand Rapids, though with the introduction of the Grand Rapids, Holland and Chicago Railway, the township experienced suburbanization. After Grandville separated from the township in 1933 and Wyoming experienced more growth with the opening of the General Motors Stamping Division Plant, Wyoming was engaged in annexation conflicts with Grand Rapids and Grandville until the township became incorporated as the city of Wyoming in 1959. After obtaining cityhood, Wyoming served as an entertainment and retail destination on the 28th Street corridor with the opening of Rogers Plaza and Studio 28. Into the 1980s, the quality of development in Wyoming began to falter and with the 1999 opening of RiverTown Crossings in Grandville, retail businesses in the city were upended. Development in Wyoming then shifted towards the southwest panhandle near RiverTown Crossings in the early 21st century and has continued in the area surrounding Metro Health Hospital following its opening in 2007, though General Motors closed the stamping plant two years later in 2009.

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