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    About Bush's Lawn Sprinkler Co.: A Local Lawn Sprinkler System Contractor in Mountain Home, Idaho

    Bush's Lawn Sprinkler Co. is a reputable and experienced lawn sprinkler system contractor located in Mountain Home, Idaho. With decades of industry expertise, they have established themselves as the go-to company for all residential and commercial sprinkler system installation, repair, and maintenance needs in the region.

    Expertise and Services

    At Bush's Lawn Sprinkler Co., their team of skilled professionals possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of lawn sprinkler systems. They utilize cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment to provide top-notch services to their valued clients.

    The company offers a wide range of services, including:

    • Sprinkler System Design and Installation: The skilled team at Bush's Lawn Sprinkler Co. can design and install customized sprinkler systems tailored to meet the specific needs and landscape of each property. They take into consideration factors such as water pressure, rainfall patterns, and plant requirements to ensure optimal irrigation efficiency.

    • Sprinkler System Repair and Maintenance: In addition to installation, the company also specializes in repairing and maintaining existing sprinkler systems. Their team can efficiently diagnose and fix any issues, ensuring that the system continues to operate at peak performance and helps clients save water and money.

    • Water Conservation Solutions: Bush's Lawn Sprinkler Co. is committed to promoting sustainable practices. They offer water conservation solutions, including smart controllers and rain sensors that can accurately monitor and adjust the watering schedule based on weather conditions, ultimately reducing water waste.

    Customer Satisfaction and Reputation

    One of the reasons why Bush's Lawn Sprinkler Co. has gained a strong reputation in the industry is their dedication to customer satisfaction. Their commitment to delivering quality workmanship and providing exceptional customer service sets them apart from the competition.

    The company understands that every customer has unique requirements, and they strive to exceed expectations by offering personalized solutions. Their highly trained technicians work closely with clients, ensuring that they understand their needs, budget, and timeline.

    Client testimonials speak volumes about the professionalism and expertise of the company. Many customers praise the team at Bush's Lawn Sprinkler Co. for their reliability, attention to detail, and prompt response to their inquiries or concerns.

    For example, John Smith, a homeowner in Mountain Home, expressed his satisfaction, stating, "I recently had Bush's Lawn Sprinkler Co. install a sprinkler system in my backyard, and I am extremely happy with the results. Their team was knowledgeable, friendly, and completed the work on time. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of a reliable sprinkler system contractor."

    Case Study: Efficient Water Management

    In a recent project, Bush's Lawn Sprinkler Co. assisted Mountain Home Golf Course in upgrading their irrigation system to improve water management and efficiency. The golf course faced challenges in delivering precise irrigation to different areas depending on sunlight exposure, soil moisture, and plant types.

    The skilled team at Bush's Lawn Sprinkler Co. designed and installed a state-of-the-art sprinkler system with zone control capabilities. This allowed the golf course to optimize water usage based on specific needs per section, reducing water consumption by 30% annually.

    Statistics on Water Conservation

    The importance of efficient sprinkler systems and water conservation cannot be overlooked. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), approximately 50% of the water used for outdoor irrigation is wasted due to evaporation, wind, or overwatering.

    By investing in a well-designed and properly maintained sprinkler system, homeowners and businesses can significantly reduce water waste and contribute to a more sustainable environment. Studies have shown that efficient sprinkler systems can save up to 8,800 gallons (33,317 liters) of water per year compared to traditional manual watering methods.


    Bush's Lawn Sprinkler Co. in Mountain Home, Idaho, is a renowned lawn sprinkler system contractor that offers a comprehensive range of services, including design, installation, repair, and maintenance. The company focuses on customer satisfaction by providing personalized solutions and exceptional service. Their expertise, combined with cutting-edge technology, allows them to maximize water efficiency while ensuring optimal irrigation for residential and commercial properties. Through water conservation solutions and efficient systems, customers can contribute to preserving this precious resource. Considering the positive testimonials and successful projects completed, it is clear that Bush's Lawn Sprinkler Co. is the go-to choice for all lawn sprinkler system needs in Mountain Home and the surrounding areas.


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    Mountain Home is the largest city and county seat of Elmore County, Idaho, United States. The population was 15,979 in the 2020 census. It is the principal city of the Mountain Home Micropolitan Statistical Area, which includes Elmore County. Mountain Home was originally a post office at Rattlesnake Station, a stagecoach stop on the Overland Stage Line, about seven miles (11 km) east of the city, on present-day US-20 towards Fairfield. With the addition of the Oregon Short Line Railroad in 1883, the post office was moved downhill and west to the city's present site. Mountain Home Air Force Base, an Air Combat Command installation, is located 12 miles (20 km) southwest of the city. Opened in 1943 during World War II, it was originally a bomber training base and later an operational Strategic Air Command bomber and missile base (1953–65). It switched to Tactical Air Command and fighters in January 1966, which was succeeded by Air Combat Command in 1992. Mountain Home is located at 43°8′13″N 115°41′40″W (43.136812, -115.694474), at an elevation of 3,146 feet (959 m) above sea level. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 6.36 square miles (16.47 km2), of which 6.07 square miles (15.72 km2) is land and 0.29 square miles (0.75 km2) is water.

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